A project I dove into this spring….

diving deeply cover I am one of the contributors to a new book just released by the United Church Publishing House. Diving Deeply is a daily devotional resource for the season of Lent.



Here is a review of the book:

Touching Review by Wendy Jean MacLean


As I read through these daily reflections, I am touched by the depth of intimacy the writers share. They struggle and bless as they navigate the gap between “yes” and “no,” fear and confidence, pride and humility, death and resurrection. I recommend these readings as a way to “plough a furrow through our busyness” (Day 9) and to take time in the day to meet the followers of Jesus—in these stories of grace.
“Being with the Holy is surely a deeper adventure than our mind or imagination can conceive,” writes editor, Betty Lynn Schwab, in the introduction. This is an adventure we can take each day of Lent. Across the churches, others meet us as we dip and dive to the depths in spirit, and in prayer.  “Read them as if each word held a treasure,” is the introduction’s invitation; a study guide lays out ways of sharing the treasure with a small group in a weekly gathering.
The stories are drawn from the daily ministries of chaplains and spiritual directors across the country. In their reflections we meet in hospitals as the end of life invites us to holy ground; on university campuses where students and their chaplain share the “sacred ecology” and “with new language and fresh ideas they express the ancient religious vision: that all human beings are called to a transformation of awareness” (Day 25). We meet in ministers’ studies and in prisons.
The season of Lent “might be viewed as a plunge into the depths of our own lives to find our soul,” writes Darrow Woods on Day 36. During Lent, let the stories in Diving Deeply help you risk the “fierce grace” and the “hidden mysteries” of Christ’s presence in study, prayer, and trust.

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