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Great Big Love

“Great Big Love” by Bruce Cockburn (from “Nothing but a burning light”(1991) Evening sun slants across the road Painting everything with gold I’m headed for home, got a woman there I can barely wait to hold Got wind in my hair, got the heat inside Heart jumping up and down An empty head and a […]

Joy will find a way

A few years ago I wrote a series of sermons based on the Advent themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, and tied them to songs composed by one of my musical heroes, Bruce Cockburn. This week, the words of his song “Joy will find a way” have murmured and echoed in my heart. Before I […]

“Joy in the Mean Time”

Preachers all over North America have been struggling this weekend, to know what to say in the aftermath of the violent event at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. How can we approach the Advent theme of Joy, when as President Obama said in his television address, our hearts have been broken? It is […]

Praying for the people of Newtown, Connecticut

Here is a link to a video from Godtube that uses footage from news coverage of the terrible event at the Sandy Hook School. Unfortunately the website requires you to watch an ad before you see the video. A Prayer Tribute to the Victims of The Newtown School Shooting from sharethemessage on GodTube.

Peace be with You

The second Sunday of Advent is traditionally a time to attend to the theme of Peace.  During that week leading up to this occasion, I had opportunities to think about what we mean when use that word. One of my children went on a class field trip to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, […]

Peaceful Steps

The first reading we heard this morning from Luke’s Gospel contains words coming from the mouth of a father, about the birth of his son, who grows up to be John the Baptist. Like Jesus, John is a Biblical character with an interesting birth story. John’s parents were Elizabeth, a cousin to Mary, the mother […]

The Hope Connection

There is a story of a spider that dropped a single strand down from the top rafter of an old barn and began to weave his web. Days, weeks, months went by, and the web grew. It regularly provided the spider food as flies, mosquitoes and other small insects were caught in its elaborate maze. […]