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Prayer for Good Friday

Holy Presence. Holy One. You are with us. In the face of pain, confusion, cruelty and death. You are with us. In the places we would rather not be. You are with us. In the situations we endure. You are with us. You bring peace. You bring love. You bring hope. Even in the darkest […]

Practicing Christian Faith in a Pluralistic World

Based on 2001 Statistics Canada figures, if our country was made up of 100 people, 43 would be Roman Catholic.  2 would be Orthodox. 29 would be Protestant. (Of the Protestants, 9.6 would be United Church.)   2 would be Muslim, 1 Jewish, 1 Buddhist, and 1 would be a Sikh. About half a person would […]

Sin and Salvation: Transforming the Heart

Years ago I was part of a continuing education course at the University of Toronto. The teacher was a Presbyterian minister named John Bryan, and the topic was appropriate and effective use of power. I learned important things in that class, and still occasionally look back at my notes. But as sometimes happens, the biggest […]

Thin Places: Opening the Heart

There is more to life than what we can normally see. In our heart of hearts, we know this to be so, or we at least hope this is true. When our hearts are heavy with sadness or grief, or buzz with confusion, or when we feel the need to cry out our pain, our […]

The Heart of Justice

The Kingdom of God; The Heart of Justice On our Florida vacation we visited one of the big theme parks. It was a great place for people watching. When you spend a half hour, or forty five minutes, or longer, waiting in a line for a theme park attraction, there is little else to do, […]