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Beginner’s Wisdom

After our worship service last week, I heard someone comment that we’ve had baptisms two weeks in a row, and that next week, meaning this morning, we would be back to “normal”. I can understand what they might have been feeling- after the joy, the delight, the wonder of new life that we witness when […]

More of the past, present and future

This Sunday I ended the sermon halfway through my prepared script. I suspect that only the people who follow along with their printed copies of the sermon would have known the difference. This edition of the fifth page follows this weeks sermon blog entry, which can be found at: Our choices are important. In […]

Past, Present and Future

Are there any Lord of the Rings fans here this morning? I want to show a brief scene from the first movie in the series, “The Fellowship of the Ring”. The regal looking woman in white is Galadriel, the elf queen. It is interesting how her mirror ritual resembles baptism. She fills her silver pitcher […]

In the bulb there is a flower…

On Easter morning I enlisted the help of the children at church in planting sunflowers in a number of small and large pots. They each had the opportunity to push little black hard-shelled seeds into the loose brown potting mix soil. We planted small pots so that each child could bring one home, and three large pots, […]