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Moving from Illusion to Prayer

I officiated at a surprise wedding yesterday. The couple planned a pig roast, combined with a murder mystery role-play, with their wedding ceremony mid-way through. As guests arrived they received special envelopes containing their instructions. They knew ahead what character they would be playing, and most came dressed in costumes to help them live out […]

Moving from Hostility to Hospitality

Last Sunday I began a three part series based on the book Reaching Out, by Henri Nouwen. Henri Nouwen was a well-known psychologist, teacher, author, and Roman Catholic priest. After a successful career as a teacher and author in the area of Christian Spirituality, that took him many places around the world, Nouwen settled into […]

Moving from Loneliness to Solitude

Henri Nouwen was a Catholic priest, and a gifted teacher in the area of Christian spirituality. He was also a restless soul who lived and worked around the world. He wrote over 40 books, which in a powerful way, trace the path of his personal quest for wholeness, peace, and meaning. One of his most […]