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Characters with Passion: The Woman Who Anointed Jesus (Sunday, February 22, 2015)

During the season of Lent, our teaching times are focussed on characters from the stories in Mark’s Gospel, chapters 14-16. This morning we hear from the woman who gave Jesus an extravagant gift. Why did she do that? I was an outcast and alone, and was welcomed to the banquet. Simon, the one they so […]

The Cloud of Unknowing

After a full day of visiting with people, and teaching, Jesus and his friends were to spend the night in the home of Simon’s mother-in-law. It turned out she was sick with a fever. Jesus healed her. The story suggests she was not able to feed them supper until she felt better. I wonder if […]

“God loves everyone? Seriously?”

We just heard a reading in which Paul, the missionary who founded the church in Corinth tackled the question of whether it was okay to eat food offered to idols. The whole thing may sound strange to our 21st Century ears, without some context. Corinth was a seaport in ancient Greece. Trading goods and people […]

“What hooks us?” (Mark 1:14b-20)

The story of Jesus’ call of the fisherman is so familiar we may not think about how weird it would be, for 4 guys with jobs, families, homes, obligations, and connections to their community, to literally drop everything. To let the fishing nets fall at their feet, step over and around them, and start following […]

Growing at Every Stage of Life

Every stage of life   A few years ago at a meeting of Halton Presbytery I heard a man named Mark McDonald speak. Mark is an Anglican priest, who studied at Wycliffe College in Toronto, and served for a time in Mississauga. His career has taken him all over North America. He served for ten […]