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D is for December

D is for December. Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25th? It is not as if we can check Jesus’ birth certificate! There are a few (mostly negative) references to the early Christians to be found in histories written within a century of the earthly life of Jesus, but outside of the New Testament, […]

C is for Carols

C is for carols. Do you have favourite carols? As I edited this “Letter”, my children were at the piano, practicing their duet of “Angels We Have Heard on High”. This is one of my top five favourite carols. As they play the instrumental part, I can hear the words in my head: Angels we […]

B is for Bethlehem

B is for Bethlehem. There are, I think, at least 2 Bethlehems. The one we know best is a fairly romanticized place, the setting for pageants and Christmas specials. The other is a place where Israelis and Palestinians live as uneasy neighbours, under the watchful gaze of religious tourists and other visitors from around the […]

A is for Advent

A is for Advent. Advent is an old word. Not so old that you will find it anywhere in the Bible- but that is true of a surprising number of words and ideas that have become part of our Christian tradition. Our English word Advent is derived from the latin word “Adventus”, which means coming, […]

Cold winds, falling leaves, and the value of a good fence

The information website for Canadian immigration services crashed Tuesday night, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of inquiries received while the results of the American presidential election rolled in. Facebook friends from the U.S. have asked if they can pitch a tent in my backyard. Some of them may not be kidding. I wonder what our […]