A break from Facebook

letter-f-alphabet-broken-d-perspective-set-blue-color-isolated-white-letter-f-alphabet-broken-d-134933645I posted this today:

The following announcement may not change the world: I will be taking something of a break from Facebook for the time being. This is a kind of pre-New Years resolution. When I have things I want to put out into the online world, I will use my own website: revdarrow.com (which is also set up to send links to my Facebook page and other social media outlets.) I am sure I will miss the tiny glimpses into the lives of some of my friends.

While I enjoy the photos and words from my friends, and sometimes learn from the articles for which people post links, I am paying attention to the time I spend on devices, and intend to be a little more productive, and less consumptive, in my behavior.

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