Joy wins out

howard thurman close up“There is earned joy: an impossible job tackled and conquered, leaving no energy for assessing the price or measuring the cost, only for an all-inclusive sense of well-being in the mind, and slowly creeping through all the crevices of the spirt—or it may be some dread has reared its head, gathering into itself all hope that is unassigned, until it become the master of the house., then relief comes through fresh knowledge, new insight, clearer vision. What was dread now proves groundless and the heart takes to wings like an eagle in its flight.”

–Howard Thurman, From the Inward Journey, p. 251

I thought of this after I posted the Thurman quote. Here is a link to a great Bruce Cockburn song about Joy: Joy will find a way

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  1. dtrichards says:

    Extra star for the link to the Bruce Cockburn song!

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