Worship for July 5, 2020

This week’s video features an interview with my good friend, the Rev. Dr. Sam Parkes, who is United Methodist pastor serving a congregation in Mary Esther, Florida. Sam and I have been friends since the years he was working on his Th.D in Homiletics, at Emmanuel College, and the Toronto School of Theology.

The video also contains two clips from the Canada Day Drive In Community Worship service we held at the Harrow Soccer Complex Parking lot- including one of the Rev. Elise Chambers, of the Southern Trinity Anglican Parish, offering pastoral prayers.


  1. Faith says:

    Good to see Sam , video cut out on me!

    1. Darrow says:

      Sorry you had issues watching the video. Have you tried again?

  2. ronmighton says:

    Darrow do you know the Urantia book and group

    Ron Mighton

    1. Darrow says:

      I have heard of Urantia, but don’t know about it. What, as your see it, is the essence of their teaching?

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