Lenten Devotion for Day 12, March 6, 2023

Amy Panton, the author of today’s reading from Good Courage, offered a view into her personal journey with anxiety and depression. I have the sense that even a decade ago, this would have been a very risky choice. There would be stigma attached to admitting that you were receiving psychiatric care, or even seeing a therapist. This made me a little curious about her, so I looked her up.


You can learn more about her by following the above link. Her work addresses important questions about how people of faith can respond to people, especially young people, who self-injure.

Does our faith help us, when we suffer emotional/psychological distress?

Does it help us remain present with those in our lives, who struggle with depression, anxiety, or self-injury?

Do we have a tendency to shy away from folks who have these struggles?

The devotion for today closed with an invitation/encouragement to reach out to people in your life who is on anti-depressants or other psychiatric medications.

What a good idea!

I did not have to think long to come up with names, and see the faces in my mind, of those to whom I could reach out.

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