Lenten Devotion for March 8, 2023

The Good Courage devotion for today works with the story of the disciple who often gets called “Doubting Thomas”. It asks what Thomas might have been up to, during the week between the first time Jesus appears to his inner circle, and the next time he appears to them- the time Thomas is there.

The writer suggests Thomas was out in the world beyond the room where his friends were cowering, for fear of suffering the same fate as their leader, Jesus. Was Thomas like a spiritual detective, out searching for signs and clues of what had happened to their leader?

I think that question, and any possible answer go beyond, and place too great an expectation on the story as presented in John’s Gospel. But it can still be a meaningful question for us.

Where do we look for signs that God is at work in our lives, in the world. Another way to ask it is, “Where do we see the Risen Christ?”

When I get worn down, or distracted, or doubtful about God’s presence or activity, it helps to go visit someone, or phone someone who I’ve not talked with for a while. I can’t claim to always be wise enough to know that this is what I need to do. My spouse is very good at nudging me along.

When I actually do it, I’m usually refreshed and reminded that we see the Risen Christ in each other.

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