A note to my readers.

The dashboard for this blog shows me that a surprising number of people follow and read what I post.

I am very grateful for all of you! I really, really am.

I am also branching out.

This blog tends to be a place for things I write that are connected to church- preaching, teaching, and that kind of thing.

I’ve started another project using a platform called Substack, which is more like an email newsletter. My plan is it will be the place for writing that is more in the mystery and detective fiction vein.

The two “worlds” do intersect, and inform each other. That’s inevitable. I look at mystery fiction with the heart of a spiritual seeker, and I look at sermons with the critical eye of a fiction writer.

If you are interested in the “mystery” end of things, I would love it if you were to click on the link below and check it out, and perhaps even take a free subscription to my Substack, which is called “reluctant sleuth”.

One of my ideas for “reluctant sleuth” is to serialize my first novel as I revise it. My writing mentor gave me some constructive criticism about how to make it better, and I was thinking I could let people read it, chapter by chapter, and get your reactions.



  1. Laura Harper says:

    I do look forward to receiving your posts.
    With thank
    Laura Harper

    1. Darrow says:

      Thank you, Laura!

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