Lenten Post for April 2, 2023

The writer of today’s Good Courage devotion, for Palm Sunday “crossed” a line, at least for me. They wrote:

“Some of the deepest wounds inflicted on Christ are by those who love Him. There are times when, while claiming to love Him, we are simultaneoously hammering at the nails.”

I understand what the writer was getting at- the long held idea that every human participates in some spiritual way in inflicting pain on the earthly Jesus, by our “fallen, sinful ways”. I also think it’s an unfortunate, manipulative, guilt and shame ridden strategy to make us feel bad.

I think most of us feel bad enough, often enough. We don’t need the salt of guilt thrown on the wounds.

I do, however, agree with the next thing they said: “It is very possible to hurt those who love you, even those you love wholeheartedly. In our human weakness, we hurt each other through our differences, indifference, and mistakes.”

When a fevered, crying baby balls its tiny fists and waves them aggressively at the loving parent trying to comfort them, does the parent take it personally, and conclude the child wants to hurt them? I fear that would say far more about the parent, than the intentions of the little one.

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