Lenten Post for April 5, 2023

The Good Courage devotion for today asked the reader to consider where they have seen the fragility of creation, and witnessed its power.

For most of my life I have lived near one of the Great Lakes.

Superior, when I was growing up in Thunder Bay, was an ever-constant presence. It brought us lake effect snow in the winter, and fabulous lightning storms in the summer.

I also remember canoeing in the harbour, and the oily sludge that would stick to my friend Tim’s canoe. We could see the black stuff oozing from the outer hulls of the lake freighters we slipped around. It could be argued that we weren’t supposed to be there. I wonder the same thing, about the effluents leaking into the water.

We are not good to the world we call home. On an industrial scale, we do it great harm.

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