Lenten Devotion for Holy Saturday

Photo by Irina Iriser: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-trees-during-golden-hour-937666/

Today is an in-between day. If we are, with some part of us, living inside the story of Holy Week, Saturday is even more of a waiting time than all the Lenten days that went before. Is there a way for us to sit with the “not-yet”?

We know tomorrow is Easter. Can we imagine what it would have been like to have witnessed Jesus’ death, without knowing the rest of the story?

How do we “be” in a situation in which a terrible and sad thing has happened, or is happening, and there is nothing we can do, to undo it, or change the outcome?

Not every problem has a solution. There are things we can’t fix. We can know that in a philosophical way.

It’s different though, when the hard, bad thing causes pain and sadness to someone we care about. The rational acceptance of our limits, our mortality, what some call our finitude does little to placate our heart, which wants to relieve the pain of our loved ones, and make things better.

The Good Courage devotion writer for today offered a clue, about how to be, in the midst of something awful that we can’t fix. She asked,

“What can I do in this moment to shine God’s love through me into this situation?”

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