Passing On the Good Stuff


Today I officiated at a funeral for Iona, a woman who lived to be 95. From all I heard, she lived her life on her own terms, as a strong, independent, and caring woman, who helped her family and friends, and made significant contributions to her community. Iona was active in several service organizations in Harrow, including the Full Circle Thrift Shop, which makes used household goods available to have a new life, by selling them at affordable prices.

Full Circle Thrift Shop

If that was not enough inspiration to keep working at being a decent human, I also got to meet some members of her family.

Meagan, (known in the gaming and Twitch communities as theladymea), and Carson, who has a great Instagram page featuring his art called carsondrewit, are Windsor-based artists.

Meagan showed me photos of a miniature gaming figure she hand-painted, using very small, fine brushes she inherited from her great aunt Iona, who painted ceramic figurines.

We had an excellent conversation about the latest Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame. I can’t write about anything we talked about, for fear of “spoiling” the movie for those who have not yet seen it.

They each do amazing work, and I encourage you to check them out.  The first image below is one of Carson’s, called Duality.

duality carson drew it

This next one is by Meagan, of jousting knights.

meagan painting

Both Carson and Meagan participate in an online community called Twitch. I need to check this out. It is possible to watch a livestream video of them creating their art.

Meagan said she is able to earn a large part of her income selling commissioned paintings, and the ones she creates as thousands of viewers watch her online.

It has to be a lot more interesting to view Meagan with her brushes and acrylic paints, or Carson with his pen and inks, than it would be to watch me pecking away at a computer keyboard, writing.

What really brought light to my day was the commitment they have to encourage up and coming artists. They understand that part of what it means to be an artist, is to nurture the creative urge in others. They pass along their love and joy for what they do.



The Local News

The-Harrow-News-PublishingI was interviewed today, by Shelby Wye, who writes for The Harrow News, a great local paper that serves the town where I work as the United Church minister. When Shelby called to set our time to meet, I asked if we could do the interview after I finished lunch at the Harrow branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. They have a lunch special on “Wacky Wednesdays” that can’t be beat, and I’d planned to go there with a group from the church, when they finished cleanup from a pie-making bee. (The church operates a pie booth at the Harrow Fall Fair that is a huge fund-raiser for our work in the community.)

While I was at the Legion, I checked in with some members of the executive about the annual grave decorating day, which happens on the first Sunday of June. Legion members and friends remove the old Canadian flags from the graves of veterans, and place new ones. As the son of an air force vet, who kind of grew up around the Legion, I am happy to be involved.

But back to the interview! Shelby, who in her words, “heard from a little bird” about my being a finalist for the 2019 Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award, came by to talk to me about my mystery novel, my aspirations as an author, and the competition. We had a great conversation, and she took a photo for the paper of me holding my manuscript. In the interest of full disclosure, the photo that will appear in the Harrow News will show me with a mock up of the actual manuscript, because at this point, it only exists in digital form. Click the link below to the imagined book cover I created, long before I actually wrote the novel.

book cover mock up