God still at work

building closed God still at workIf the selection in the box of letters for our outdoor sign had allowed, I would rather have spelled out “Building closed, but our ministry continues.”

I know our church leaders would have also preferred to put the message out into the community that we are still here, at least in spirit, and that many members are still busy offering love and compassion in God’s name.

Because we are!

Plans are in the works to collect food donations for the Harrow Food Bank, and for the Downtown Mission.

We have a dedicated group of “angels” who are phoning folks connected to our congregation, to check in and see how they are doing.

We have a volunteers who are ready to do grocery runs and other errands for those who can’t get out themselves, especially if they are under self-quarantine.

We are also working out the technical issues related to offering an online confirmation class for a group of young people- I think that will be a great experience for all of us. (Even if all we accomplished was to relieve cabin fever for a few hours, it would be worth it!)

If you, like me, felt strange not being at HUC for worship on Sunday morning, here is a little video I made Sunday afternoon:

Sunday Afternoon at HUC

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