Palm Sunday Worship Video

The link on this page will take you to a YouTube video that is our worship resource for Palm Sunday. It includes a wonderful anthem from the senior choir, a reading by Gillian Lamoure, and a clip of the children’s time, all taken from last year’s Palm Sunday worship service.

On Friday afternoon, after our very successful food drive for Windsor’s Downtown Mission, I recorded a “tiny pulpit” learning time.

The video ends with a clip of “Mercy Now” as recorded by Steve Bell, who has granted permission for its use.

Link to Worship Video

20200404_185142Roberta McLean, a much-loved member of the Harrow United congregation is quite ill in hospital in Leamington. I ask for prayers for Roberta, and for her family.




If there are people or situations for which you would like prayer, or you wish to speak with your pastor, please let me know.

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