Lenten Devotions Day 5 Feb 26, 2023

These posts are in response to daily devotional times I have with my spouse. We are reading, and praying each morning, using the book “Good Courage” as our guide. Harrow United Church will have a weekly discussion group starting this Wednesday, 7 pm, via ZOOM. Today is Sunday, and the last day for folks at the church to let me know in person if they want to join the ZOOM group.

If you are reading these devotions, and want to get the book “Good Courage”, it is available as a digital download via Amazon, or UCRD, United Church Resource Distribution.

If you’d like to join the ZOOM group on Wednesdays at 7 pm, send me a note at revdww@gmail.com and I will send you the link.

Email, and ZOOM, and digital downloads, oh my. What a privileged life I lead. This morning’s devotion asked the reader to consider the nature of faith.

I once read that people either trust they live in a benevolent universe where good can happen, or they don’t. I am shy and careful around such huge generalizations, but it also seems to me that my “faith” is something like that trust. On the whole, even though hard and terrible things happen, I and the folks I most care about, are mostly going to be okay. Is that really faith, or just the good fortune to be born and live where I do?

Beyond that general “okay-ness”, I feel a responsibility to do what I can, to be of help, and make life more “okay” for others.

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