The Gift of Joy

JOY“There are those that have in themselves the gift of Joy. It has no relation to merit or demerit. It is not a quality they have wrested from the vicissitude of life. Such people have not fought and won a hard battle, they have made no conquest. To them Joy is given as a precious ingredient in life. Wherever they go, they give birth to Joy in others—they are the heavenly troubadours, earthbound, who spread their music all around and who sing their song without words and without sounds. To be touched by them is to blessed of God. They give even as they have been given. Their presence is a benediction and a grace. In them we hear the music in the score and in their faces we sense a glory which is the very light of Heaven.”

-Howard Thurman, From the Inward Journey, p. 252

Who do you know that brings the gift of joy to your life? Take a moment today to appreciate them.

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