Lenten Devotion for Day 11 March 5, 2023

Hope in times of despair or hard times is an over-arching theme for the next few days of readings in Good Courage. What sustains us, inspires hope in us, in tough times?

The writer worked with Psalm 23, and went on to suggest as a practice for today that we write our own Psalm. The original biblical psalms were prayers, that expressed a wide range of emotions, and spiritual conditions. Some inspired hope during hard times. Some gave voice to lament, or to praise.

Some psalms were acrostics, with a line each for every letter of the ancient Hebrew Alphabet. We could adapt this model for our use, and write a line for all the ABC’s, to create what is apparently called an “abecedarian” poem. Focus on the subjects, rather than the form of the poem.

A is for apples. When I bite into a fresh crisp apple I feel like I am being offered energy and wellbeing.

B is for bread. The smell of fresh bread makes me feel like life is worthwhile.

You get the idea. While you’re thinking about your poem, here’s a video for you. The Dixie Chicks singing one of my favourite poems about Hope:

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